The basics of Minecraft

My name is Ben and one of my hobbies is Minecraft. Minecraft is a game where the player has to eat and survive in a large world. Minecraft ranges on a number of different platforms, from PS to iOS, from Android to Xbox and PC, as well as many more. The main idea of Minecraft is for the player to build houses, mines or anything they want to. Most blocks can be crafted into something else, like four wood planks make a crafting table, or a block of wood makes four wood planks. Weapons and tools can also be crafted, like swords, bows and pickaxes, as well as many more.


I would recommend that, if available, a new player should start on the Tutorial as you can pick up lots of hints and tips on there. Minigames are also available for consoles and PCs, where you can fight, have fun, or just play with friends, which you can also do in Multiplayer mode, on any world. There are half-blocks in the game as well, which are called slabs, which are half the size of normal blocks, and a disadvantage of placing them next to lights is they dim them significantly. There are a range of different lights, which are Redstone Lamps, Glowstone, Sea Lanterns, Torches, as well as Redstone Torches, which not only provide a dim light, but also give off a Redstone signal. A farm would also be advisable, which will give you food, which is vital to your person’s survival. You may also want hunting helpers, which are tame wolves. Tame them by giving them bones, which are dropped by a skeleton when killed. Cows and Sheep will follow you if you have Wheat in your hand, Pigs will follow you if you have a Carrot, and Chickens if you have Nether Wart, only obtainable in a Witches Hut or in the Nether
dimension. Wheat seeds can also be obtained by destroying Wheat in a village to get wheat and seeds, or just mine grass that grows on Grass blocks. Watch out for Monsters at night, or sleep in a bed to skip to the next day. Monsters want to kill you, but most of them will die after burning in the daylight. The only Monsters that will survive are Creepers and Spiders. If you see a Spider during the daytime, don’t attack it. Instead, just ignore it. It will only attack in the day if you attack them. Creepers will remain hostile, though, so watch out for them!!! If the game is set to Hard mode, there is a high chance that Monsters will spawn with enchanted armour. If they are wearing a helmet, they will not burn during the daylight. Occasionally, they will spawn with tools or weapons. When they are killed they will drop armour nine out of ten times, but will rarely drop weapons. These are only the basics of Minecraft, so if you are thinking of getting this game, now you know how to survive!!! You can also pick up tips on YouTube, as a number of You Tubers produce Minecraft videos.


Ben Fisher


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